Careful what you wish for!

Hi Everyone,

It has been almost a month since my last post and boy oh boy what a month it has been. I have been to hell and back, finally I am back on my feet and life is returning to a more normal existence.

Stepping forward and releasing this program was a HUGE step for me and within a week of doing it I came down with my first Migraine in 4 years or more. For about 6 days I could not stand up, see anything without an aura, felt nauseous all the time and everything I tried to eat tasted metallic.  It was 6 days laying flat out which I put down to being exhausted working so many hours to get this project finished to launch.  Finally got over the migraine and I had a couple of days to try and catch up with work before I had people coming to stay for a week during the Brisbane Royal Dog Show and I went away to our National conference on the Gold Coast. I am a Real Estate agent with LJ Hooker in Brisbane.

Went away to the National conference for a few days and then came home and got back to work on Thursday, by Sunday I was in bed with the Influenza A. So I spent the next week in bed as sick as a dog. Now while all this has been going on I have been very aware of some other personal stuff that has been going on with me.  I have been working through the blocks that have kept me fat, the blocks that have held me hostage in my life and the barriers that have stopped me achieving my goals. My body actually made me physically ill to stop me moving forward.  So I started digging and digging, I meditated hard to look within to try and find the answers to my problem.

In the past 4 days I have found a lot of insight into my blocks, at least the ones on this level. Life is like an onion, there are just layers underneath layers and then more layers. There is no such thing as getting to the bottom of it, there is just ongoing and constant clearing of your own stuff. The block I was holding to this time is one I have worked on before and in a number of ways. But this time it was a new way that I had not considered and the implications of it were still affecting me and how I viewed myself.

As children we take on so much stuff from our parents and people around us.  It makes me realise just how much as babies and small children, we are just like little sponges who absorb everything going on around us, whether we chose to or not.

So things are back on track and will begin moving forward as I break through another of my life barriers that has stopped me.  I am certain each of you reading this can relate to this situation. If you stop and think about your life and things that have happened. How many times has your sub concious stopped you from loosing weight, from reaching a life goal, from feeling good about yourself.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.