Releasing the Hounds

Yesterday after years of work and months of preparations, I finally delivered my new baby. That may seem a strange turn of phrase to some of you, thought for me it is the absolute truth.
100lbs Down is my baby in the truest sense of the word, for it was born within the very fibres of my body.

It was not a natural delivery by any means. In the end it was a fast paced self administered Caesarian, so that the Baby could be delivered alive. My propensity to procrastinate is legendary, I was afraid that while my OCD mindset pushed me to produce the perfect work, it would die inside me before it was seen by anyone. In the end I just needed to announce the program in public so then that pressure would force my hand once I had set the date out loud. So, now it is done, I have 2 weeks before I hold the first of many webinars. As you read through this blog you are sure to have many questions that I will strive to answer in time.

Back lets head back to the beginning and the start of my share.

My name is Tony Eales and I have struggled with my weight for over 30 years. I have lost conservatively over 500kg in the time. There is not a diet plan, regime or gimmick I have not tried during that time to get back to the person I was at 20 years old. Pritikan, Aitkens, Blood Group, South Beach, Ketosis, Celery Soup, Bananas, Apples and god knows everything else in between.
I worked hard to become that 20 year old person and maintained him for a couple of years. I was a model and did okay with my work. I was a good looking young fella and enjoyed my life, I worked hard, exercised, played tonnes of sport and always watching what I ate.

Sadly no matter how much weight I lost, I eventually gained more back on that horrible rollercoaster. My weight had always been an issue for me as a child. I remember my mother taking me to the Doctor and having “Limits” biscuits as my treats. They were awful low-calorie biscuits that were sold in pharmacies. I would get my weight under control at times and then I would lose control again. 10 years ago my struggle had gotten to be quite serious. I had ballooned out to 156 kg at my heaviest and my body was broken from injuries. I had collapsed at the gym trying to work out, my blood pressure had gone up to 212/148. I should have stroked out at that point, by some miracle I didn’t. I was taking medications everyday including neural blockers for the incredible sciatic pain, Blood Pressure tablets and constant pain killers. I was DYING both on the inside and on the outside. I hated myself, I hated how I looked and I was repulsed when I saw myself naked. It affected my relationships with every person in my life. And I was angry, oh so angry at anyone who annoyed me even slightly. I felt like it was the fat which insulated everyone around me from the giant angry ball of energy that I held within.

Eventually my body had become so broken and overwhelmed my Doctors stepped in, it was decided that I needed to undergo Gastric Surgery first before any other surgeries could be done.
I need to lose weight and ease the pressure on my body and my heart. With the physical limitations I had exercising due to the spinal injuries, gastric surgery was the option I was given as the best course of action.

Since then I have been through hell and back, like many people who undergo Gastric Surgery know only too well. It has been 8 years, many surgeries, over $100,000 and more pain than any one person should every endure. Statistics tell us that over 500,000 people a year have Gastric Weight Loss surgery in the western world alone. Out of those people 63% will never achieve the initial goal set for them by their surgeon. Of the 37% of patients who do reach this goal, 30% will relapse and gain weight again within 2 years. That means that Gastric Obesity Surgery has a success rate of just over 25%. THAT IS INSANE. We go through all this and still we fail and I know why. I know why, because I have lived it and I have succeeded. I know why, because I found the answers along the road that was my journey. I know why, because I was lucky, or dedicated, or had the focus or the foresight to see what I had missed for so long.


Today I have lost 63kg (138.9 lbs), I feel great and I look fantastic, life has never been better than it is today. I could tell you it was all because of the Gastric Surgery, but I would be lying to you. If You have been through Gastric Weight Loss Surgery or are contemplating it, then you need to hear my story. I know that I can help you achieve the success that has alluded you, because I did that for myself. I have walked the same road as all of you and I found the answers hidden like that proverbial needle in the hay stack. Over the next few days I will tell you about my journey and how I achieved my goal. I will let you to my life and share with you some secrets on how I achieved it.

These secrets will give you the ability to achieve the same results that I have, you to can finally smash the weight cycle and be free to
live your life how it was intended to be.

Have a great day and I will talk to you all tomorrow. Until then my friends, be kind to yourselves.