Episode 5 – Sharla Lee and the PH360 Program..

This weeks episode brings in special guest PH360 Lifestyle & Epigenetic Coach, Personal Chef and Lifestyle Guru Sharna Lee Getting to understand just how PH360 can change your life and how by changing the way we behave and our relationships with food can bring total change into your life. Sharna explains why weight loss plateau’s…

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Episode 3 – Gettin Your head in the Game

A huge thank you to Natalie West for being our guest on the pod today. It is a fantastic episode about getting your head on straight to be successful in life and with your weight loss. The biggest thing to come out of the pod today was the slip of our Event series coming later…

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Episode 1 – My Story

Welcome to episode 1 of the 100 lbs down podcast with Tony Eales.  This is the story of my journey over 10 years through gastric surgery weight-loss success.  Life After Obesity Surgery is not easy, struggling with weight is never easy but I have found Freedom from that struggle. Surgery isn’t the answer people, it is…

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